How to change TeamViewer ID after cloning

How to change TeamViewer ID after cloning

There are many tutorials on the internet that shows how to change a Teamviewer ID after cloning a VM but i found no instruction that shows me how to keep the ID on the original machine and change the ID on the new VM – without deleting any registry keys.

I got this Solution from the Teamviewer Support!

1. At the VM you want to keep the ID

  • navigate in the registry to:

  • add a new D-WORD value (32 bit).
     Name of the value: MIDForceUpdate
     Value: 3 (hex/deci)

2. At the VM you want to change the ID

Only if Teamviewer was executed and/or installed follow these steps:

  • stop Teamviewer(!)
  • navigate to:

      Delete the VersionX (e.g. Version7) folder.

  • restart the computer
  • start Teamviewer – now Teamviewer should renew the ID
What does MID Force Update do?

MIDForceUpdate tells the Teamviewer server that the machine XYZ has the ID XXX-XXX-XXX. This entry forces every other machine with the same ID to renew it.

Source: HERE!
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