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Windows Scripts

Get current directory

To get the current directory to use inside batch files.

There is a very simple way to get the directory from a batch script file. CD environment variable stores the current directory of a command window session. Just run the command ‘echo %CD%’ and check it yourself.

C:\Users\windmdline>echo The current directory is %CD%
The current directory is C:\Users\wincmdline

Or you can use a much better alternative

%~dp0 is the variable you want.
It outputs the drive and path of the batch file.
EX1: C:\mydir\myfile.bat becomes C:\mydir\
Ex2: @echo off
Set SetupApp=WinaeroTweaker-

%SetupApp% /VERYSILENT /PORTABLE /DIR="%~dp0\wt_portable"
Will create a new directory in the directory where you have the WinaeroTweaker- file called wt_portable and run the WinaeroTweaker- to create a portable extraction of all files.

Here’s a MS reference, it works in thing other than Batch; like VBS SCCM, PS, shortcuts too.

Source: Here!

Activate screensaver and when interrupted go to lock workstation

Save this as activate_screensaver.vbs and when you want to instantly activate your screensaver and also having it require username + password to deactivate just double-click it.

Set objShell = CreateObject( "Wscript.Shell" )
' The "True" argument will make the script wait for the screensaver to exit

returnVal = objShell.Run( "%windir%\System32\ssmypics.scr" , 1, True)
' Then call the lock functionality
objShell.Run "%windir%\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation"

Read more: Activate screensaver and when interrupted go to lock workstation

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