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Fix broken backspace in Firefox (for Linux atleast)

Howto Fix Backspace annoyance and Mozilla Firefox for Linux

Ran into this little annoyance while flipping around in my Mozilla Firefox in Linux. Being used to Windows I keep hitting backspace to return the the previous webpage.. but in Mozilla Firefox for Linux it is not possible, by design I think, at least not by default.

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Speedup Firefox

This is a little information on how it is possible to speedup Mozilla Firefox somewhat

There are no guarantees to this so please make sure you know what you're doing

This is more or less a rip from LinuxMint WiKi turorial on how to make Firefox faster on Linux Mint

Before making any changes, please make sure you have a good backup of your prefs.js file from your Mozilla Firefox profile.

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SyncServer - Firefox Sync Issues

SyncServer - Firefox Sync Issues

Issue: Firefox Sync but wipes all Add-ons

This has happened to be more then once. For some reason it seems like from time to time a client figures that it can't fetch a add-on and then it seems to tell every other Firefox client to just uninstall it.. problem is when this is all your add-ons.

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