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Speedup Firefox

This is a little information on how it is possible to speedup Mozilla Firefox somewhat

There are no guarantees to this so please make sure you know what you're doing

This is more or less a rip from LinuxMint WiKi turorial on how to make Firefox faster on Linux Mint

Before making any changes, please make sure you have a good backup of your prefs.js file from your Mozilla Firefox profile.


  1. Open Mozilla Firefox
  2. Type: "about:config" (without the quotes) in the Mozilla Firefox address bar and then press "Enter". This command will open the configuration page that allows a user to make advanced changes to the browser.
  3. Speed up page loading/rendering time in Mozilla Firefox.
    1. Right-Click anywhere in the "about:config" window, click on "New->String". Name the string "nglayout.initialpaint.delay" (without the quotes). Enter a value of "0"(zero) and click "OK".
      1. This tweak decreases the amount of time Mozilla Firefox waits to render the page from 250 milliseconds to zero.
    2. Right-Click anywhere int he "about:config" window, click on "New->String". Name the string "content.notify.interval" and enter the value of "0"(zero) and click "OK".
  4. Force Mozilla Firefox to release reserved system RAM when the browser is minimized.
    1. Right-Click anywhere in the "about:config" windows, click on "New->Boolean". Name the boolean value "config.trim_on_minimize" (without the quotes). Choose "true" as value and then click "OK"
      1. This setting forces Mozilla Firefox to only reserve about 10MB of system memory while minimized.
  5. Normally Mozilla Forefox only sends one of two tunnels to the website. However, the more tunels you use the faster you go.
    1. To change this, type in the filter bra "network.http.pipelining" select "network.http.pipelining.mazrequests" (this should be an integer) to a value of "32"
      1. Attention: The more tunnels you use, the more bandwidth you use, meaning you chould use as many tunnels as you want but that would probably kill the sites bandwidth if everyone did that. 32 is a very good value
    2. Dubble-Click "network.http.pipelining" (this should be an boolean) so it becomes "true" instead of "false"
    3. Now change the previous filter value to "network.http.proxy.pipelining" in the filter bar
      1. Double-Click "network.http.proxy.pipelining" (this should be an boolean) so it becomes "true" instead of "false"


This has put some new life into my Firefox(es). Some seem to already have the above values as "integer" which should be ok too I guess - not tested by me :)

There are several other values that could be tweaked to optimize the speed of your Mozilla Firefox. For a full description on what these and many many other values to please check out this article on mozillaZine.


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