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Unix Tips & Tricks

This section is all about Unix Tips & Tricks.

Most unix flavors contain a lot of utilities that can be used in various ways. Here I will keep my own "things" I use daily or only once just to remember it for a later use.

Quick script to check times on a file

Quick script to check times on a file

#!/bin/tcsh -f

foreach FILE ($*)
echo "File: $FILE"
echo "Last Accessed : 'stat -f %Sa $FILE'"
echo "Last Modified : 'stat -f %Sm $FILE'"
echo "Last Changed : 'stat -f %Sc $FILE'"

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Rsync is one of those utilities that doesn't come nativity normally. Some flavors do install it during installation of the operating system while others demand you to install it.

You don't have to install it but it is good if you need to do some special tasks.

It's meant as a utility to synchronize two directories which in turn can be done in various ways. It can do it between two servers/computers or between two local directories or even as a server for others to synchronize with your local package.

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Unix Plesk Solutions

Unix Plesk Solutions

Parallels Plesk Panel Fixes

The information below is for a Linux based Parallels Plesk Panel installation.
FreeBSD and others might use other paths and utilities to do the same thing.
I hold in no way any guarantee or responsibility that this wont erase all data on your and your friends computers.. but it does work for me!

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