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Unix Tips & Tricks

This section is all about Unix Tips & Tricks.

Most unix flavors contain a lot of utilities that can be used in various ways. Here I will keep my own "things" I use daily or only once just to remember it for a later use.

HowTo Update misc/compat5x

HowTo Update misc/compat5x

Describes how to fix issues with removal of compat5x package.


This happens because the files have the flag schg on them.
schg = system immutabnle flag
This must be removed for a successful removal or re-installation of the compat5x package.

This fix will not work if you have the kernel in security mode 1 or above.

If your system uses kernel security mode 1 or above you need to boot the system into single-user mode and follow the instructions below. I would probably do the actual upgrade in single-user mode as well just to be on the safe side.

Read more: HowTo Update misc/compat5x

FreeBSD 6.2 to FreeBSD 7.x Upgrade Path

FreeBSD 6.2 to FreeBSD 7.x Upgrade Path

This is how I've done a few updates from FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE to 7.2-RELEASE. Observe that I do not think this is a recommended or supported way to do it. I've done 2 or 3 updates in this fashion in Multi-User enviroment.

First of all make sure you have the latest utilities needed. I have always updated to the latest current version of the release I have before starting the update sequence - simply because I think all upgrades should be done on a solid ground. If possible make sure you have a solid and working system backup of all essential data and configurations.

Read more: FreeBSD 6.2 to FreeBSD 7.x Upgrade Path

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