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If you like me at work have a domain administrator that has gotten out of hand implementing rules about everything he can set on a domain level with policies.
You might need to be able to reset how Windows updates work.
My domain admin has decided no Windows updates are needed at all ever.
I don't agree to that so I made a registry hack to reset it to my likings.
Here is a registry file with loads of explanation inside to let you set up Windows update just like you want to have it.
This hack is made for Windows 7 ONLY!
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; These keys are to change how Windows update operates in Windows 7

; This first key determents if to use local WSUS server or Windows update server
; 1 is local WSUS and 0 is Windows update server (default=0)

;If this key is set to 1 Windows update will not even check for updates. (default=0)

;This is to determent in what way you want updates.
;A value of
;2 indicates that the agent should notify the user prior to downloading updates.
;3 indicates that updates will be automatically downloaded and the user will be notified of installation.
;4 indicates that updates should be automatically downloaded and installed according to a schedule.
;(For this option to work, the ScheduledInstallDay and ScheduledInstallTime keys must also be set.)
;5 indicates that automatic updates are required, but can be configured by end users.

;This key can be set to a value of either 0 or 1. (This doesn't exist by default)
;0, then minor updates are treated just like any other update.
;1, then minor updates are silently installed in the background.

;Only if option 4 is chosen above (These doesn't exist by default)
;  Scheduling Installations
;  I have talked a lot about scheduled installations,
;  but I want to show you one last trick.
;  You can use the registry to set the installation schedule.
;  There are two registry keys that are used when scheduling an update.
;  The first of these keys is ScheduledInstallDay.
;  I recommend assigning this key a value of 0 which tells Windows that updates
;  should be installed regardless of what day it is.
;  You can however specify a day by specifying a positive integer ranging from 1 to 7.
;  The number that you specify designates a day of the week.
;  A value of 1 sets the installation day to Sunday.
;  Setting the value to 2 sets installation day to Monday.
;  If you are going to limit installations to one day a week,
;  then I recommend using Wednesday since most Microsoft patches are released on Tuesday.
;  The ScheduledInstallTime key.
;  This key tells Windows what time of day updates should be installed.
;  Valid values for this key are positive integers ranging from 1 to 24,
;  which reflect the hour of the day in military time. As such,
;  a value of 3 would reflect a 3:00 AM installation time.
;  A value of 13 would be a 1:00 PM installation time.

If a value you want to change in my file have a " ; " infront of it (without the " hyphens) then remove the hyphen and it will be set when you run the registry file.
To edit a registry file, just open it with notepad or any other plain text editor, NOT Word or Wordpad or other wordprocessors.

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